Discussion and Education Tools

The following is a selection of tools we think you may find useful for understanding growth management, including presentations, fact sheets, guides, images, and calculators.

Image Bank | Growth Management Tools

Image Bank

Public Square of a Contemporary Downtown Institutional Building Visit the Image Bank link opens new window for photographs that show what growth management looks like in real life. Please feel free to download them to use for public outreach and education purposes.

Growth Management Tools

Tools produced by the Government of Ontario specifically for growth management.

hypothetical downtown Visualizations of Different Types of Growth Management

Computer-generated photo montages that show hypothetical communities with different densities, and before and after images of hypothetical infill scenarios. Please feel free to download the visualizations to use them in your own materials to explain these concepts.


Transit-Supportive Guidelines link opens new window
These guidelines are designed to assist in creating communities that are supportive of transit use. They include information on transit-friendly land use planning, urban design and operational practices.

Mobility Hub Guidelines for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area link opens new window
The Mobility Hub Guidelines provide a framework for the planning and development of mobility hubs. They provide strategies, best practices, case studies, and suggested resources for a number of key objectives.

Land Use Planning

Community Improvement Planning Handbook link opens new window
A guide for municipalities interested in community improvement planning under section 28 of the Planning Act.

Brownfields Ontario link opens new window
Information on brownfields which are former industrial sites, including related legislation, land use planning, environmental protection and financing.

Support Materials for the Development Permit System link opens new window
A series of resources for explaining and implementing the development permit system, also known as the Community Planning Permit System.


Municipal Planning and Financial Tools for Economic Development Handbook link opens new window
Descriptions of planning and financial tools that can be used to support municipal goals for economic development, snapshots and case studies on how other jurisdictions are capitalizing on their assets, and a municipal checklist for investment readiness.

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